Earning trust and confidence

At Blossomhill Investment Limited, our clients always come first. We believe this is the best strategy, not only for clients but also for our business.

If we act in the best interests of our clients at all times, we earn trust, and if we surpass expectations in the management of their finances, also their confidence. By earning clients' trust and confidence, our services are referred to their friends and colleagues by them, enabling us to deliver even better value for money. If we act in this way and generate more awareness, clients will enjoy a better experience with Blossomhill Investment Limited and entrust us with the management of their investments. If we don't, they won't, and the company that we have fought so hard to grow and develop will be no more.

Exceeding expectations

To do what we say and say what we do – and then some. Being staffed by human beings with our inherent fallibilities, we are not always perfect, and sometimes fail to meet our own high standards. These missed opportunities do not prevent us from setting lofty goals, and instead, we use each set back as an opportunity to improve and learn and do everything humanly possible to provide our clients with service excellence. Having excellent investment performance is essential, but alone it is not nearly enough. The trust and confidence of our clients are gained over the course of their total experience and interactions with us, including how we communicate, operate, and conduct ourselves. If we show excellence in such areas, clients can more readily be confident in our abilities and invest with us, especially during volatile or uncertain market conditions.

Nurturing a focused and rewarding work environment

We strive to foster a working environment that is attractive to those who outshine. Most people who excel have a keen sense of purpose, have leadership qualities, and seek excellence with a hunger. They take responsibility and are accountable for their actions and excel in an environment that provides inspiration, originality, challenges, and the chance to earn and be rewarded based on results. In addition to the satisfaction that comes from being part of an organization that requires and achieves excellence, our work environment encourages many of those who shine brightest to remain with Blossomhill Investment Limited for a long time.

Recruiting and rewarding

We recruit and reward on the basis of past and future potential value creation for our clients. We employ individuals who have superior and occasionally unfulfilled potential. We offer them excellent opportunities and remunerate them based on how they perform. Demonstrable value can be added for clients in different ways, and each employee of our company understands how they create value for clients, and each employee’s performance determines their earnings. This includes empowering them with the authority and ability to utilize their individual strengths to the maximum. All new ideas are considered based on their merit regardless of the seniority or position held within our company by the employee proposing them.

Take a long-term perspective

All our thinking is long term, and considers the best long-term interests of our clients, even though this sometimes conflicts with near term goals. We invest to generate the optimal long-term results and present products and services that are in the best long-term interests for clients. This does not mean that if the right short-term opportunity arises we will not take full advantage, as long as it fits with the longer-term plan.


Each one of us at Blossomhill Investment Limited has an individual responsibility to our clients, the business, our fellow employees, and ourselves. Our company also has obligations to its staff and the locations in which we live and work. We are all mindful that we are at all times ambassadors of Blossomhill Investment Limited, and conduct ourselves appropriately and be individually responsible for the accountability of each other and the company.