Family Office Services

Although we are not a conventional family office, we do provide services to our clients with a minimum of $5 million in assets invested with Blossomhill Investment Limited. Our experienced staff members are happy to work with clients' families to centralize the management and day-to-day organization of financial matters, including the monitoring of outside assets. We also have access to an extensive network of experts, including high-level attorneys, accountants, and other very capable specialists, whose services can be employed for the benefit of and to assist clients' families around the world.

Insurance Evaluation

Blossomhill Investment Limited Family Services can arrange an independent evaluation of your existing property, personal, and other insurance cover to make sure you have the best coverage. Also, we can establish with clients whether there is a need for life insurance to provide cash to mitigate estate taxes.

Family Meetings

In conjunction with your attorney and other authorized representatives, we can organize and arrange family meetings. We can work in partnership with clients and appropriate parties to shape an agenda, which could include, for example, financial education or mentoring for beneficiaries.

Managing Cash Flow

Preparing databases for family cash flow needs to finance significant purchases or investments, as well as for tracking external assets that are not under our umbrella of control.


Whether and when to make charitable gifts is a decision for each client to decide for themselves, although Blossomhill Investment Limited can help determine how to proceed in the most tax-efficient way.

External Assets Monitoring

In addition to creating and managing databases of your external assets, we work together with our clients to develop a strategy for monitoring and providing clients with updated valuations.

Executive Compensation Packages

We can review the stock option and other current or deferred compensation plans for our Family Office clients.